5K PR Today

Yesterday, I found a race scheduled for this morning and decided I would run it. Placed 1st in my age group and 2nd overall. My time was 20:12, which is a minute and 3 seconds faster than my last 5K in June.

That’s a big chunk of time to knock off of a short race like this. I felt great the whole time, too. I kept a cadence faster than 180 the entire time. I was aware of my posture, and even at the end, when I was thinking maybe I felt tired, I made sure to run within myself, keeping my gaze focused down and ahead about 10-20 feet. 

When I got home, I ran 6 miles at a 7:19 pace. I needed more miles because I’m planning on running a half marathon next weekend.

OK, I’m a pretty crappy runner, but I came close to winning a 5K today. Yeah, maybe a lot of the faster runners were out of town because there’s a pretty big marathon nearby today, but the fact remains that I lopped a large chunk of time off my previous PR. I hope someone is paying attention to the advice I’m giving, because I think it works. 

Another important element of my running form that helped me today was how I used my arms. Few people at this level get it right. I’ll talk about it more soon.


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