My approach to injury: Forget it.

Hey, it’s me again. So I just wanted to share my recent approach to worrying about injury. By recent, I mean since last March or so, when I feel like I discovered a way keep injury at bay. And I say “worrying about injury” because I think that a lot of times it’s the fear of injury that causes us to do weird things with our bodies that may actually make injuries worse.

When I feel as though something may be starting to hurt, I’ll take off my shoes and march in place in front of a mirror. Then I’ll jog in place (always letting my feet fully settle, and letting my heel touch the floor). Occasionally, I’ll stop on one foot, then the other, making sure that I feel balanced and stable on that foot. I’ll keep doing this until it feels really natural and easy, and I feel balanced and stable in a one-legged stance as I said before. Then, instead of worrying about getting hurt, I’ll put on a pair of my minimalist shoes, like my Altra Samsons (another good shoe is the Merrell Vapor Glove, which I don’t have yet) say to myself “forget it” and then just go run 9 or 10 miles. Works every time. I mean, so what if I do get hurt? I don’t care. I’ll just keep pushing until something breaks. Hasn’t happened yet, though. And did I mention I’ve run 4 marathons, 3 half marathons and many other races since last spring? Oh, I did? Well anyway, I run a lot. Oh yeah, and I’m in my 40’s.


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