Late Night Post

So it’s the middle of the night and I had a shitty day. Didn’t get to run. Looking forward to doing a 13 miler tomorrow. Don’t know if I’ll get to sleep tonight, seeing as how my day was so shitty, and I’ll probably toss and turn. But I’m still going 13 tomorrow.

Since I last posted, I’ve done two half marathons and a full. I just keep running and running, and I don’t seem to get hurt. The great thing about all the running is that, no matter what sort of thing is making you anxious, or whatever you’re obsessing about or whatever, after you’ve been out running a while, that stuff just disappears.

Alright, so since I kind of figured out this running thing last April, here’s the list of races I’ve done:

4 marathons

3 half marathons

1 ten miler

2 5k races

And that’s on top of all the training miles I’ve done. My GPS watch thing gave me a congratulations message for going 1000 miles since March or February or something. I don’t remember. But anyway, it’s been quite a few miles.

My best times for the races are 21:15 for the 5k, 1:43 for the half, and 3:37 for the full marathon. So, not super amazing times, but not bad either. And remember, I don’t have any pain anywhere. So I think I kind of know what I’m talking about.

I hope anyone who reads this is still thinking about their posture. Not looking up and out, which draws the head up and out and throws your balance off. Instead, running within yourself, and directing your gaze down and in front of you 10-20 ft or so. This keeps your posture in line, and puts your body in a position that engages your important core muscles. VERY important in avoiding injury.

But it may be a good idea to go back a bit, and do some more rudimentary exercises to make sure the legs are working in an efficient manner. That’s tomorrow’s post.


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