Natural Running

The video I posted last time shows barefoot or so-called natural running form. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard about the barefoot running trend. Perhaps you’ve seen people wearing those toe shoes. The idea behind this style is that having less on your feet will encourage a more efficient running form. Ideally, posture should improve, the footsteps will be faster, and the feet will land under the body. This all adds up to make the runner more balanced and less prone to injury.

Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that simply changing footwear or taking off one’s shoes results in long-lasting form improvement. Many people have become disenchanted with the barefoot/minimalist and natural running movement. They have decided that this style is too weird and just doesn’t work for them.

Well, it just so happens that this “weird” style of running is actually what the elite, best-of-the-best runners are doing. If you watch videos of elite runners racing distances of 5000m up to the marathon, you will see a remarkable similarity in their running styles. Watch this short video of an elite 10000m race. Everyone you see is demonstrating natural running form. They have good posture (but the posture of the lead runners is certainly the best), their steps are quick, and their feet land under their bodies. These guys are our models. Though they may be naturally gifted, they owe much of their success to good running form. By emulating them, we can greatly enhance our running efficiency and improve our chances of success in the sport.


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